Instructor Certifications


Do you feel that through heart-thumping music and feel-great movements you can do more than just help people get fit?

Do you have a passion for creating community, fostering positive mindsets and helping people discover vibrant health?

If you believe that becoming the ‘best version of you’ comes from moving your body, learning new skills, connecting with others, knowing how to be playful, thinking positively, contributing to your community, and inspiring others to feel amazing…


PL3Y International Inc. is an internationally accredited certification, training and program development institute for people who are ready to inspire everyday people in their community to #sweathappy.

We strive to inspire people to discover the physical, social and mental benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle through a more positive and playful approach to fitness.

Our trainings and programs allow instructors to develop the skills, knowledge and experience to lead engaging physical literacy programs while creating abundant and fulfilling careers in dance, teaching, health and fitness.