Our Philosophy

We believe that through movement you can do more than just help people get fit – that you can foster community, positive mindsets and vibrant health. Our goal is to help everyday people discover, practice and maintain a positive and playful mindset towards physical activity and lifelong active living.

3 Rules of PL3Y

All PL3Y Programs are taught using a positive teaching philosophy, based on the  3 Rules of PLAY. Theses rules are used to establish structure and culture in our program, and to inspire everyday people to approach physical activity and movement with an open and positive mindset. The 3 Rules are…

Be Positive – Use words that are positive, that make you and others around you feel good.

Be Fun – Share the most fun version of yourself!

Be Yourself – Each person is different –  discover your own unique physical literacy journey through movement and play.



PL3Y International Inc. is an internationally accredited certification, training and program development institute for leaders who are ready to inspire everyday people in their community to #sweathappy.

Our trainings and programs allow instructors to develop the skills, knowledge and experience to lead engaging physical literacy programs while creating abundant and fulfilling careers in dance, teaching, health and fitness.

Through high-quality physical literacy programming for adults, teens and kids, PL3Y Instructors across the world help everyday people discover the ‘best version’ of themselves!

Each PL3Y Programs allows everyday people to move their body, learn new skills, connect with others, discover a playful mindset, think positively, be a part of a supportive community, and feel awesome!


To inspire positivity and develop physical literacy through a wide range of physical activities.


To develop and empower leaders who inspire people to live happier, healthier and more fun lives through physical activity and playfulness. To provide high-quality trainings and programs that allow trainers and instructors to experience abundant and fulfilling careers in dance, fitness and education.