Join our Chief PLAY Officer & Program Director Melanie Levenberg at the Physical Literacy Pro-D Workshop!

Location: Burnaby, BC
Date: May 19
Session Title: Developing Physical Literacy through Sport Training and Dance

In this active learning workshop, you’ll discover how to engage students and foster physical literacy using an interACTIVE class format. Discover how positive coaching and play based training can be powerful (and fun) tools to motivate your students to get fit!

Part 1 – POWERPL3Y – interACTIVE athletic training
Create an athletic strength and conditioning class that focuses on simplicity, group interACTIVITY and positivity. Fuel those inner athletes through strength, agility, balance, coordination, plyometric and functional training drills that will inspire your members to #trainoutsidethebox. 

Part 2 – DANCEPL3Y – Developing Physical Literacy through Dance.
Explore a variety of moves that develop physical literacy, inspired by popular dance genres Hip Hop, African, Banghra, Breakdancing and learn how to lead simple dances that inspire students to feel confident with dance